Pawel has been exceptional at pushing me to achieve my full potential. Under his guidance, I have achieved personal bests in 10k and the marathon distance. He is a true running professional, his expertise and support have truly been invaluable in my running journey.



I have been training with Pawel for over 10 years!

Pawel is an excellent trainer who listens carefully and pays close attention to personal needs and individual goals. He has a great sense of humour, puts people at ease and creates a comfortable environment for each of his clients.
Pawel lets you work at your own pace, demonstrates a great deal of patience and treats all of his clients with respect. He makes exercise fun through laughter and plenty of positive reinforcement.
If you want to strengthen your body and build or rebuild confidence, he can help you with the skills you need.

If motivation, flexibility, great knowledge and a personal approach is what your looking for in a PT, then Paweł is the man for you!

Dominika Wroblewska

I am a keen fitness enthusiast. I enjoy running, swimming, cycling, keep-fit, etc.

Pawel has been my running coach and Personal Trainer for nearly two years now. There is no doubt about it he is an excellent running and fitness coach.

Before I met Pawel my best marathon time was 4hr 5m. The last marathon I ran before meeting Pawel was the Brighton marathon in April 2018 and my time was 4hr 30m (I had just recovered from illness). I knew that I could do better and had to find a running coach. I joined a local cross-fit gym were Pawel was already a PT. I soon found out he was the ONE. After speaking with him I signed up with him and as they say I've never looked back since. Pawel is a superb running coach. He knows exactly what sessions to give you to improve your running. Over the first year I improved dramatically and saw my running times over various distances fall as I got progressively faster. I was setting new PBs at every race I entered. My half-marathon PB fell to 1hr 44m at Kingston half-marathon in February 2019 and my last marathon in Valencia, Spain, December 2019 I clocked a 3hr 40m PB! For me that was a huge drop on the previous marathon and 20 mins faster than my all-time best! Pawel gears the sessions to your current level of running and fitness so you are gradually improving and making progress. The sessions are very specific and precise. Believe me you will be working hard from the outset but its worth it. This year I am continuing to see great improvements in my running. My speed, pace and cadence have all improved significantly again this year. Pawel has set me a target of sub 40mins 10k over the next few months - I'm already down to 43min.

On the PT/fitness side he specialises in using kettlebells for improving your general fitness and strength. His PT routines are excellent and challenge you each and every time. He uses an assortment of kettle bell and body weight exercises. I have my own fitness equipment that I bring along (TRX, sand bags, parallettes, and hurdles) and he incorporates them to intensify the fitness sessions.

On a personal level Pawel is a very friendly guy and we get on really well. Some of his own achievements are outstanding. I find them highly motivating.

Make sure you follow his advice to the letter and you will see great improvements.

I'm giving him five out of five on all fronts!

Tony Golding

I have been training with Pawel (Pav) for over 6 months now and he has helped me hit some astonishing goals. Prior to starting my online running programme with Pav, I had a half marathon PB of 1:44 and had a dream of completing a marathon having got injured in my last marathon training block. I completed a 16 week half marathon programme with Pav, during which I was lucky enough to get a place for the 2023 London Marathon. The end goal of this half marathon block was a half marathon race at Victoria Park. Pav provided 3 training sessions a week based off my work life, personal life and other CrossFit training that I was doing at the time. He was there for any questions I had and would adapt my training if needed. At the end of this block, I felt confident in my running abilities and absolutely smashed by PB hitting at 1:24:07. I was beyond happy with this and it gave me the upmost confidence that I would be able to hit my goal of not only getting to the start line of my first ever marathon but completing it in what I considered to be a good time.

Due to my half marathon race being later in the running season this left us 9 weeks until the London Marathon. Pav provided 4 personalised training sessions a week, each session I knew what pace I needed to run and the overall goal for that session. Pav would check in weekly and adapt my training based off how I was feeling physically and mentally leading to a well balanced training session. As a result of this I made it to the start line of the marathon completely injury free (something I had failed to do 2 years prior!) and excited to try and hit my ambitious goal of sub 3 hours. Pav had taken me through my fuelling and pacing strategy so all I had to do on the day is run and I am ecstatic to say that I achieved a time of 2:58:59!

I could not recommend training with Pav more. No matter where you are in your running journey, he will be able not only help you achieve your goals but make you realise that your initial goals are only just the start and that you are capable of way more!


Dan Hanlon



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